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At first glance, website promotion in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates in general is no different from promotion in Europe or the CIS. All the same SEO, SMM, PPC and more. But it is worth delving into the question, as everything becomes not so simple.

Today we will talk in more detail about the opportunities for website promotion in Dubai and the UAE, as well as some important, but not obvious, nuances of this process.

Language versions of the site

The official language in the UAE is Arabic. That is, sites must also be in Arabic. But the country has a huge number of citizens of other states. Today, 90% of the entire workforce of the Emirates are residents of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The national diversity of tourists is even greater. Therefore, other languages ​​are very common in the Emirates: English, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Tagalog and even Russian. This means that additional language versions of the site, in addition to Arabic, will definitely not be superfluous.

Now the vast majority of major sites in the UAE are in Arabic and English. But depending on the field of activity and the region, additional language versions are often used.

Search engines

Google remains the most popular search engine in the UAE. However, focusing only on this search engine when promoting is not entirely correct.

Several other search engines are popular in the Emirates:

  • Albahar;
  • AME info;
  • Alkhaleej.

There are other Arabic search engines: Hahooa, Ajeeb, Arabo, etc. They are not so popular and are rarely emphasized when promoting sites. However, they should not be completely neglected either.

Features of mentality and laws

The Emirates has rather strict legislation in matters of digital space and online services. So, a few years ago, some instant messengers were banned in the country, primarily Skype. Only in 2018, Microsoft managed to partially restore its work. Telegram also did not work at the beginning of 2021, although it is now fully operational.

Also in the UAE, they are seriously struggling with VPN services and applications. The ban has been in effect since 2016. And in 2020, subscribers received SMS alerts stating that a millionth fine is provided for using a VPN. In fact, the fines were much less – 50,000 dirhams. Nevertheless, there are already quite a few precedents.

We add that many online services come to the UAE late. Mainly because of the peculiarities of the legislation. For example, Google Play launched in the Emirates only at the end of 2018, more than three years after its launch in the rest of the world.

That is, when talking about website promotion in Dubai, you need to take into account what kind of sites they are, what services, goods and services they offer, whether it contradicts local legislation, etc. The Emirates are gradually easing the requirements for online resources, but the same freedom, as in European countries or the CIS, no.

Stages of website promotion in Dubai

In our practice, there are already several projects to promote websites in Arab countries. In general terms, the promotion strategy is not much different from similar actions to promote European sites. The difference in approaches is mainly related to the choice of content – text and graphics. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, it is strictly forbidden to advertise alcohol, publish provocative content, etc.

Taking into account the existing prohibitions, restrictions and peculiarities, we organize work to promote the site as follows:

  1. Analyzing a niche . It is impossible to launch an effective promotion if you do not first analyze the market in the selected segment and study the competitors. This is a mandatory step that helps to initially determine the appropriate promotion vectors and avoid mistakes made by other market players.
  2. We are developing a strategy. We determine the optimal growth points for the site and work out a strategy that, with rational investments, will give a positive effect in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the strategy is not short-term, but covers a period of six months or more.
  3. We perform internal website optimization. At this stage, we conduct a technical and usability audit, analyze and improve the structure of the web resource, create new content (or improve existing content), fix internal errors, speed up page loading, and so on.
  4. We work with reference mass. The more authoritative resources linking to the site, the better it is ranked by search robots. Working with external reference mass is one of the most important stages of promotion. It is important not only to increase the number of external links, but also to monitor their quality. Because quantity is far from the main ranking factor.
  5. Collecting analytics. To determine the effectiveness of promotion and better understand which promotion vectors have the greatest effect and which need to be improved, we carefully analyze the results. First of all, we use data from Google Analytics, but if necessary, we connect other metrics.
  6. We implement the strategy and prepare reports. We have a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the developed strategy. The client, in turn, can monitor in real time in the Personal Account on the Elit-Web website what types of work have already been done, what results we have been able to achieve at the moment and what further actions will be.

Naturally, the stages of website promotion in Dubai may partially differ from those listed. We, if necessary, correct them, add new ones and exclude insufficiently effective ones.

SEO, SMM and PPC in Dubai

In this regard, website promotion in Dubai and the UAE is not much different from promotion in other countries. At the head of everything, as a rule, is SEO – a set of measures to increase the position of the site in the search results for key queries. In addition, SEO-promotion performs a number of additional tasks:

  1. Increases brand awareness and user confidence in it.
  2. Increases traffic to the site and, accordingly, the number of orders (if we are talking about the sale of goods or services).
  3. Raises the return on investment in promotion, as SEO works for the future.
  4. It makes the business more sustainable, providing it with a steady flow of customers from organic search engine results without large investments.
  5. Provides a strategic advantage over competitors. Having gained a foothold in the top, the site, with the right approach, will hold its position, preventing competitors’ resources from bypassing themselves.

Of course, at first, SEO does not give the most impressive results – you cannot reach the top for all relevant key queries in a week or a month. But in the long run, it is SEO promotion that looks like the most rational investment.

PPC and primarily contextual advertising is a good way to quickly make yourself known to a large audience. We do not recommend using PPC as your only promotion method because it stops bringing customers as soon as you pause your advertising campaign. It is much more efficient to combine PPC and SEO promotion. For example, contextual advertising brings customers at the beginning of promotion, while SEO gradually increases organic traffic to the site at this time.

The situation is similar with SMM. It is worth considering promotion in social networks as part of the overall package of work on promotion. We also note that the United Arab Emirates is far from being loyal to all social networks. For example, the VKontakte website is prohibited here, because pornographic materials are often distributed through this social network. But the UAE authorities are quite loyal to Facebook and Twitter. Almost half of the people in the UAE (and Dubai in particular) use Facebook. On the other hand, about 10% of the total population of the Emirates do not use the Internet at all. Accordingly, not in all areas of business, website promotion is the best opportunity to attract the target audience.

Summing up

The United Arab Emirates is an unusual country in many aspects. And online promotion here also has some features. They cannot be called critical, but still they must be taken into account.

If you decide to promote your business in Dubai, we strongly recommend that you study the issue of promotion here in more detail and do not make hasty decisions. Contact Elit-Web managers to discuss the details and avoid common mistakes. We are at your service!

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